AR.DE.MA. S.r.l. | company profile

AR.DE.MA. was born in 1988 from its founder Arrigo Trevisan. The small workshop for precision mechanical processing obtained the approval of numerous customers very quickly and the constantly increasing production allowed them to buy a modern CNC lathe at the beginning of the year 2000.

This was only the start of AR.DE.MA.’s evolution and development. After some years, thanks to his father’s entrepreneurial culture and spirit, Denis, Arrigo’s son, became part of the company and brought a team of young co-operators who made the business able to reach a higher level of specialization in the field of mechanical processing for medium/big pieces realized through working centres and CNC lathes.

The ISO9001:2008 certification came in 2009, the same year where the business moved to the new and bigger warehouse based in Campodarsego (Padova). This step allowed an additional implementation of the machine tools and the approach to the processing of pieces having very big dimensions as well as limited production batches destined for the most part to the field of agriculture / machinery and security mechanical engineering for medium heavy road vehicles.

In 2012, with the purpose to satisfy the highest quality standards, AR.DE.MA. made its own technical office equipped with a new three-dimensional measurement machine make Zeiss. This and other improvements made the business obtain new international customers. In the meanwhile, the machine tools were renewed through the purchase of a new working centre. The advanced electronic instruments introduced recently allowed the company to organise its own internal management.

Horizontal machining center Okuma
Three-dimensional measuring machine Zeiss
Vertical lathe DOOSA
Vertical lathe DOOSA
Detail of a workpiece

In 2016, in order to satisfy the Clients’ requests better and to be compliant with the international rules, AR.DE.MA. has been reorganised internally and an Accounting Manager as well as a Quality Manager are now part of the team together with some new skilled workers for the production department. The CAD-CAM software is also very important to obtain an additional reduction in product preparation and processing times.

The year 2017 will be full of implementations and improvements, too.  AR.DE.MA. will increase its production department by means of new equipment: a horizontal CNC lathe and a working centre, all of them extremely performant and able to carry out more and more complete and complex processing using a minimum processing time and resulting in a greater competitiveness on the market. In the next two years the introduction of the rule ISO9001:2015 will be an obligation together with the other ISO certifications. The company will also approach new sectors in order to diversify and strengthen their presence in the field of the precision mechanical processing.